Advocacy has been integral part of Perambalur District Network for HIV Positive People. Our targets of Advocacy are Family Members of PLHAs, District administration officers, Health care providers, Educational Institutions, and other agencies which are relevant with the PLHAs needs and problems. Our advocacy may be based on the PLHAs property issues, Family problems, Educational issues, Stigma and Discrimination, medical support, issues of receiving government schemes, human rights and other issues related with the PLHAs needs and problems.


Key efforts:

  • Advocacy with SHN, VHN, Health inspector and Staff nurses to promote the services of Positive network and drop in centre and give more important on PLHAs care in the health sectors like ICTC, PPTCT, PHC and others in Perambalur district.
  • Advocacy with Panchayat president and Self help group members to eliminate stigma and discrimination on PLHAs.
  • Advocacy with Block Development Officer for getting widow pension for PLHAs widows.
  • PDNP+ along with INDO Trust and Thai veedu NGO advocated with District Women Police Station and Lawyer for the purpose of the our members family problem.


Network Strengthening

               PLHAs have been key actors in the fight against to HIV/AIDS. As per the quote we are more strengthen in our networking level as follows: we are working collaboration with our stake holders and PLHAs friends. Our representatives expand our services to the other stake holders and District administration for promotion the GIPA activities in our network. Our representative participates as a positive speaker in many programs conducted in our district. Our networks aims are to build capacity of PLHAs to involvement of the process of reduce the stigma discrimination on PLHAs as well as the prevention of HIV/AIDS in our community. For that purpose our network taken lots of steps like Advocacy, Positive spears, Peer educators and etc.,


Key efforts:

  • Previously our network had 2301 PLHAs as beneficiary members but now we have 2470 PLHAs as a member of our network.
  • Management Information system (MIS) is one of the important development factors of our organizational development.
  • The Governance members and leaders are participated many Organizational development trainings and workshops, it will be a important tool for growth and sustainability of our organization.
  • A through monitoring and evaluation systems of our state level national level networks and funding agencies we prepare many monitoring check list and strengthen our organizational system.
  • Now we have 221 peer treatment educators and we have achieved our target easily and widely.
  • A through the CBO management trainings and trainings we are developed our second level leaders for sustainability of our network.
  • One advisory committee is made for analyzing needs and problems of PLHAs.
  • Our board members and staffs participating many programs conducted in district an state level HIV/AIDS awareness program.


Service Delivery

        PDNP+ provides a wide range of support and services to PLHAs and their families. We are giving various types of services like New PLHAs identification, Counseling, referral services, Support group meetings, Peer Educator trainings, Peer convention meetings, defaulter follow up, home visit, peer counseling, educational support, nutritional support, assist to get government schemes, employment advocacy, Get-to-gather,  Advisory committee, Support net group forming condom promotion and other services are provided by our network.